The images have a power and a very special scope in the transformation of each person.

The presence and balance of the elements earth, water, fire and air in my images, is what gives meaning to this photographic proposal.

Everything and everyone is composed to a certain extent by these elements. Achieving the same energy for the 4 parts, through an experience of life, is for me, a journey that represents evolution, stability, strength and an openness to constantly receive new possibilities.

Mural estacas 1

Mural estacas 2

Puente de agua


AHA Moment

Árbol azul



Desde arriba

Puente suspendido



The images of earth and trees are those that represent our root, which keeps us connected to the origin. Water nourishes and renews. The fire ignites and transforms. The air purifies, elevates and gives space for openness and connection to that higher power of the material and the understanding.

Hence, the importance of having these elements visually represented in my project. Through the presence and visualization of the earth, water, fire and air, reach that state of clarity and inner peace, thus being able to renew, re-invent, create and evolve.
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