Healing Mountains


“Look deeply into nature and then you will understand everything better." Albert Einstein

The power that nature has to heal is infinite.
For years I have heard and used innumerable leaves, herbs, flowers, waters, oils, barks, and even music with sounds of nature to cure or improve any type of condition and regain balance.
However, having had the opportunity to live surrounded by all these elements and live with them on a daily basis, makes me realize that, with the simple fact of being, and really listening to it, the power of healing is much deeper than on a physical level. These mountains heal the soul, teach you the meaning of life and even lead the way if you pay attention.
Here, only some images that represent my interaction with this place, in which the expression "we are all one with nature" is really lived.

Pit stop


Fall 2

Fall 4

Last Dance

Marron Bells

Mount Democrat

North Window

Road Trip

Primera nevada 2017

Última nevada

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