Through these distorted reflections, I project an introspection or a search for awareness and emotional responsibility, in which I try to identify what and who my reflections or mirrors are.

Basically, recognize myself in people and/or situations; have the ability to identify what attracts me or what i reject, so that Iaccept it as mine, because it is difficult to see oneself.

Since we were born, we were conditioned to seek safety, protection and validation outside of us, this has led many of us to disconnect from our truth, from our essence, we stoped listening and seeing ourselves. We started to adapt to what the outside required of us to survive.

Life has started to awaken me, and I have begun my own soul search process. One of the first things I realize is, this phenomenon that we are all capable of everything under certain circumstances. That we can all be beings of infinite light and at the same time of deep darkness…going through a wide range of grays.

I felt scared when I "discovered", that we are all very alike, and that we share much more than we differ.

Knowing that we all come to this school of life to learn, and realizing that any situation that moves me, is a simple "act", a mirror that shows me what I have to work on myself, has been one of the most difficult and beautiful lessons that life has given me.

So, my constant practice in this lesson, is to remind me that I should always thank the other, for showing me the light or the darker parts of me, rather than reject and judge, because it limits my growth.

We can all live together and grow by seeing ourselves reflected in others, so that we accept ourselves, evolve into a higher consciousness as unity, and always through LOVE.


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